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3M 8518 Laminate Not Adhering to Latex 310 Inks.

#1 WrapThatCar 4 years ago

We have had some minor problems with this in the past, but the most recent job we did was the worse we have experienced. We are printing on 3M 180Cv3 using the recommended profile: 10 Pass, 110% Saturation, Curing Temp 230, Optimizer Level 12. We then allow the prints to sit overnight before cold laminating them with 3M 8518 Gloss Laminate. With this last job, we noticed that the laminate was pulling away from the vinyl on any parts that were overlapped and being removed after (as on a bumper to quarter panel seam) where the vinyl touched already laid vinyl. This should not happen and has me concerned because if this is happening during installation, I fear that on any recessed areas that were heat sunk (as in the channel of a panel van) will have the same effect and will delaminate.

We also ran several tests with different settings to see if adjusting the saturation levels and passes made a difference, and they all peeled back the laminate on the areas where there was ink. White areas did not, which is why I believe that it is the ink that is not allowing the laminate to adhere. We have also made sure that our ink saturation percentages fall well below 3Ms recommendations of 280%. Our prints are coming out dry so we believe that they are curing properly.

I have attached a few images and here is a link to a quick video that shows the delamination:

Has anyone else experienced this? What is the cause? What is the solution? I have seen a few other posts on other forums about this topic, but there doesn't seem to be a solution. Thanks in advance for your help.

#2 ivoslbg5445 4 years ago

Why don't you try to overlaminate with temperature around 120-130deg.F and there's no need to leave printed vinyl to stay for long time, there is nothing to dry, just the vinyl is trying to deform after high temp printing and when lamination in on high temp - it's trying to shrink or deform from outside to the middle. It's just the inks and optimizer messing the adhesion but when overlaminate is preheated - adhesion is better. When you make samples with applying vinyl with overlap, try to heat the vinyl after application (about 220deg.F max) apparently you have to make some tests when installing, because on bumpers and on car paint vinyl adheres differently...When we tested Arlon cast vinyl printed on latex 360 and 570 and using arlon cast laminate, the result after lamination was almost your results, but after temperature laminating and applying to the car - stickers are still there and no defects so far... Forgot to mention - we are using gbc titan 165 laminator for the job...

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