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570 vacuum adjustment during loading?

HP Latex 500 Series

#1 mmabry5288 5 years ago

I am having problems loading .8mil poly paper. It seems the vacuum is too high when the paper is first loaded. I can turn the vacuum down in the profile but it doesn't have an effect during loading. The paper will suck down to the platen and keep feeding, causing a jam, just as the print head moves over to check the substrate. Do I just need to use the loading accessory or can I turn the vacuum down at load?

#2 Jesiel Santos 5 years ago

Hello. I was having this same problem friend and I realized and solved it as follows. The problem is generated at the time of creating the media. For example, if the media was created with a standard base of adhesive, it leads by origin to the strongest vacuum. She was having this same problem with tissue every time she would carry the media she'd bumped and hit her head. I solved it by recreating the media to a new standard and saw that the vacuum in the range option was much lower at loading. Summarizing at the time of creation be aware of the pattern of creation that is creating if it is woven, for example it takes by default an initial vacuum that is unalterable. I hope I have helped hug.

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#3 kelvin.ng5186 5 years ago

#1 my suggestion is using assist manual load while loading, this could solve your problem easily.

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