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Can't get rid of Graininess in prints

#1 jolenecornett9969 a year ago


I use an HP Latex 335 and I have been struggling with Grainy prints for quite some time. I have searched online and tried what feels like everything to make it better and just can't seem to.

It's mostly in lighter colors that it is bad, I have tried the following: -Every test plot and image quality maintenance option in the settings (including substrate advance calibration) // -Messing with the Optimizer levels even though the test plot I ran said it wouldn't improve with a higher amount, thought I would try anyways and didn't help. // -Different number of passes // -Turning off color variation and text lines sharpness correction // -Cleaning whole printer

I have some photo examples attached of what I just printed on 16 pass.

Thank you for any help.

#2 nws.werbetechnik9991 a year ago

Hallo Jolene Schau nach ob du die passende Folie eingefügt hast. Ich hatte das gleiche Problem weil ich keine Digitaldruckfolie reingemacht habe, sondern Cutterfolie.

Mit Digitaldruckfolie habe ich kein Problem mehr.

Auch ist wichtig, dass man im Menucenter das richtige Druckmaterial auswählt.


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#3 HP Daniela Ciolompea a year ago

Hi @jolenecornett9969,

For this IQ issue, you can play with the optimizer. Depending on the media, it can help decrease or increase the %. On the other hand, if you still have the issue you could decrease the print zone temperature.

I hope it helps.

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