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Color Matching

HP Latex 1500 Series

#1 Akhil Dubai 4 years ago

HI, i need to print one solid color that should be match with sample given by my client. Can you please give me a good solution for this

  • i had latex 360 and 1500 i had i1 pro i did normal manual color patch matching but it take long time and lot of material waste also

#2 ivoslbg5445 4 years ago

#1 Hello. Printing patches and wasting material is normal to accomplish color matching between your printers but it doesn't mean you are near the color that client brought to you. You have to take color book in CMYK (Pantone) colors and to compare client's sample and your prints. We had to make color samples (about 20-30 different small squares) and take the best result and remake files brought by client. Keep in mind that every color calibration applies to the current media and current moment. After a week color will move at some variation (meaning everything is important- printhead usage, humidity, material conditions)... Good luck

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#3 HP-Sonia 4 years ago

When we talk about matching a particular color you have to do color management to be able to reproduce it correctly, and you also have to understand several things:

• Do you want to make a visual or exact matching (measurement)? • Is some PANTONE defined? • Are generic profiles being used? We always recommend to use the exact profile for the media, please use HP Media solution Locator. • The color you want to reproduce is within gamut? That is, can you reproduce it? It may be necessary to change the print mode that you are using, or it may simply be out of gamut (but with a visual matching may be more than enough). • Use the same media (the type of media will influence performance and gamut). • Are you doing some kind of color management in the rip? • ...... There is a long line of ETC...

This is color management, and it's something that is a combination of the design of the file that you want to print + the rip. Each rip has different functionalities for spot colors and color emulation.

I'm sorry I can not be of great help to you, but I do not think it's something that can be solved in a generic way by saying "see here, click here, and then print". It needs to be "cooked" in a particular way, more at the hands-on level. In my opinion, and in case it would be best if you received a visit from an HP Technical consultant or your reseller.

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