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Curing Issues HP Latex 3500

#1 barry.johns7384 4 years ago

We're experiencing some 'Perforated Plate Gloss Marks' on our Latex 3500. It only occurs in certain areas and looking at the User Guide it suggests changing the profile setup, ie increasing curing temperature, increasing airflow etc.

What I can't understand is that we also have a Latex 3000 using the same profile that doesn't have the same issue. Which would suggest that the settings are OK?

Could it possibly be a hardware issue rather than a settings issue?

Many Thanks.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 4 years ago

Hi @barry.johns7384,

I advise you to check if there is an issue on the media before printing, and if this has happened in more than one type of media. If it happens just in one you should check that particular profile or the media itself.

First try to export the profile from the printer which works well to the other, if both are using the same profile, and in one of them the issue occurred, check that to discard issues on the profile itself.

If the issue is always happening in the same area:

  • Check if the vacuum platen holes could be blocked, in that case, try to clean them
  • Check Curing Bottom Plate holes and clean them
    • Check if the issues get resolved afterwards.

The suggestions of the user guide is also valid since if there is a small issue with the hardware, sometimes it can be solved or overcome increasing some other settings, in this case, Vacuum or Curing.

If all of the above does not solve the issue, please contact HP support.

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