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Error Code 22.06.01:06

#1 tom.10425 2 years ago

Our condensation collector overflowed on our HP Latex 1500 and we were able to clean up the spill. However, we now have the error code 22.06.01:06 that will not clear. Any advice on how to deal with this. The printer seems fine other than getting past this error code. Thanks. Tom

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 2 years ago

Hi @tom.10425,

The error code 22.06.01:06 is triggered when a leakage is found in the bottom tray, this leakage is detected by a sensor located at the bottom left corner of the tray, and when this sensor is wet it triggers the SE 22.06.01:06.

Since there was a leakage caused by the condenser collector it's possible that some of that liquid is still in contact with the sensor even after cleaning the bottom tray, making the SE to be triggered.

We recommend removing the front cover where the ink cartridges are located (see image1) and looking for the ink leakage sensor (image2 and image3).

Make sure that the ink leakage sensor is completely dry and clean and there's no contact between the 2 tips of the sensor.

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#3 corbalan11928 a year ago

#1 Haz lo que te dijo Daniela

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#4 robbie12455 a year ago

#1 Tom were you ever able to fix this error code? We have had the same issue and have cleaned the sensor thoroughly with no luck clearing the error.

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