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Grays coming out purplish

#1 jarrodmccleod7368 2 years ago

Hello, I am having a great struggle getting my gray colors to print gray as seen on screen and they are coming out purplish. I know the printer can print true gray colors because it does print them in the color calibration(see attached images) but when I send them to print they come out purple tinged. In the images the gray colors that are printed coming out purplish were intended to be Pantone+CMYK COATED P179-2 through p179-13. The 3rd image shows them on screen. Any help with where to start to remedy this issue would be great. Print heads are good, color calibration has been done. being that the color calibration prints a good gray I am thinking there has to be an issue in the RIP causing it to incorrectly process the gray formulas.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 2 years ago

Hi @jarrodmccleod7368,

Can you please advise which printer are you using?

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#3 jarrodmccleod7368 2 years ago

I am using an HP 335 latex

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#4 HP Daniela Ciolompea 2 years ago

Hi @jarrodmccleod7368,

Here is the proper Color Managment workflow for this media:

Color Calibration will ensure color consistency within a printer and media after the first calibration is launched when the color reference targets are set based on current printer conditions (temperature, humidity, PH DW, etc).

Regular Workflow for a single printer:

  • Do a Color Calibration before beginning the job you want to keep consistent. Note the CLC is media-dependent.

  • Re-do a Color Calibration whenever you see the color change, the calibration is in “Recommended” or “Obsoleted” status.

Tips and tricks:

  • Verify the calibration target is printed with good IQ (no nozzles out, banding, grain, advance is correct, etc). -> make sure the PHs are correctly aligned and the advance is calibrated

  • Launch the CLC when the printer is in the same state (e.g. if the machine has been printing for a while the system is hotter than if not, this may impact CLC).

  • Note that in cloned substrates from generic the first time you launch color calibration that color is “saved” and the next time you launch the color calibration you are calibrating it.

With all these recommendations the results should be good.

If not, try ripping the file again making sure that the RIP is applying the correct ICC profile. You might also try using another RIP.

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