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Heavy magenta colour cast on L25500 60 inch

HP Latex 260 Printer

#1 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @eddironz

My first recommendation is try to perform Printhead hard clean for all colors and do it several times, then print and check the alignment plot in order to see if all colors are printed fine. Otherwise you should replace Printheads affected.

It is difficult to tell if the carriage PCA is damage or it could be something different from what you are describing. I suggest to perform a color calibration and make a new ICC profile to the most used substrates, in case you don’t know how to do it, It might be a good option to contact your support service in order to check hardware parts as well.

#2 eddironz 6 years ago

Hello, it's my first time on this forum, thanks in advance for helping me.

I have a problem with a HP L25500 latex plotter that shows a heavy magenta colour cast; the problem occours randomly and a different level of intensity. Sometimes I obtain acceptable printing, sometimes everything looks heavily magenta. When I print the "printhead test plot", it shows a magenta square instead of the yellow one as shown in the attachment file. Is this normal? I don't think so.

The strange thing is that if I print a Yellow linear gradient, everything seems good and Yellow! A few months ago I replaced the carriage PCA with a new one to solve some printhead not recognized issues as suggested from a local hp technician.

Now I have this new issue with the magenta that is driving me crazy and reading some forum I found out that is probably the carriage PCA again; is this possible that I could have bought a damaged carriage PCA? Is the carriage PCA the only thing that could cause this problem? I think that is a electronic problem since it occours randomly and at different intensity. Is there any test to do to understand the cause of the problem? I don't want to spend a lot of money try to find the right solution, replacing working hardware without understanding the real problem. Thank You for helping me!

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