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HELP! 570 Black is printing Brown with a custom ICC Profile

#1 danielle7975 3 years ago

At our shop we are using a HP 370 and HP 570 latex printer. Last fall we built our own ICC profile using ONYX Thrive and an X-Rite Spectrophotometer. After we built the profile on the 370, we copied the basics from that profile to the 570 and made the necessary tweaks and did a second calibration on the 570. After we built the profile to the specifications we were happy with, the black (set to 100/100/100/100 in either Illustrator or Photoshop) looks really good (rich black) on the 370, but on the 570 it is coming out a dark brown. The only way I can fix the issue is by using ONYX to manually boost the black, but that has caused drying issues leaving prints tacky at times. My manager says that boosting it in ONYX is only a bandaid fix and shouldn't be necessary and that we need to fix the problem elsewhere, but I'm at a loss as to where or why it would be different between the two printers. When I bring the files into ONYX and RIP them, it shows the translation numbers for CMYK and they are different between the 370 & 570. 370 comes to 22.7/24.7/17.6/99.2 and the 570 comes to 4.3/21.6/13.7/98.0. So right there it's obviously an issue right from the get go. I believe that the issue lies in the profile itself, but my manager doesn't think so. Does anyone have ideas or suggestions?

#2 info8161 3 years ago

#1 When I had an issue with black i used 60%40%40%100%

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#3 HP Daniela Ciolompea 3 years ago

Hi @danielle7975,

My suggestion is to follow the recommended Color Consistency printer to printer procedure:

  • Do a Color Calibration at the beginning of the job you want to keep consistency in the “Master” reference printer.

  • Export the .oms using the Embedded Web Server and import it in the Printers you want to color match.

  • Once imported, do a Color Calibration in the machines you want to color match using the media profile that you imported.

  • Redo a Color Calibration whenever you see the color change, the calibration is in “Recommended” or “Obsoleted” status.

I also recommend to have a look at this article:

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#4 danielle7975 3 years ago

#3 Thank you for your recommendation, but I do frequent colour calibrations and they have not helped with the black issue, which has been an issue since Day 1 of using our ICC profile. We did the emulation through ONYX Thrive when we built the original ICC profile. I suspect it is an issue at the ICC profile stage when we were emulating it or building it for the 570, but I don't know how to trouble shoot for that to know it is in fact the problem. Short of going back and re-building the ICC profile, is there a way to trouble shoot this?

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