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HP 3500,850 and 570 Ink Graininess/INK WONT STICK

HP Latex 3600 Printer

#1 iluna123 3 years ago

For sometime now, we are having the same problem on 5 different medias, in 3 difrent printers. 3M-IJ35, METROMARK,3M-IJ39 and 12oz Super smooth Banner and Easy Dot matt(window Vinyl). I have attach some pictures, the problems its that the ink wont stick correcly LOOKS GRAINY, i try to fix it creating a new Midia preset and lay more ink, do more passes. but even know it correct the black some LIGHT COLORS i will still have the same problem. I attach another picture of the same image run in the same material on a Epson printer and thats looks fine. at this point looks like a INK PROBLEM.

#2 HP-Sonia 3 years ago

Hello! I would suggest you follow the "Graininess" section on the User Guide page 396. Also, the Section "Substrate Tips" and "How to maintain substrates" both on page 39. As it could be an issue with media plasticizers. I hope this information helps.

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#3 iluna123 3 years ago

HI Sonia. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question. I have gone thought the user guide and the pages you tell me. The substrate is stock by the printer in a controlled environment. My type of Graininess its more like. when you spill water on oil. as soon as the ink touches the subtracted it creates does tiny bubbles, which create the graininess. I have increase the ink limits as well as the optimizer this solve the dark colors but the light colors still having the problem. If you see picture 66731044 dark colors are fine but not the light.

i have never have this problem before, just notice with in the last 4-6 months. i have try the same material on a Epson printer and it works fine. i try the same material on my 3 Latex printers and there it is.

Before hand i thank you for reading and give me your advise. Have a great Day

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#4 HP-ColorGuy 3 years ago

I would suggest that you perform the following test:

  1. Clean a section of the media with Isopropyl Alcohol (70 percent or higher) using a non-shedding lint-free cloth or towel.
  2. Mark the area that has been cleaned with a sharpie marking pen.
  3. Load the media into the printer, and print a sample job that extends through the cleaned and un-cleaned areas.
  4. If you see a difference in image quality between the two areas, where the cleaned area is better than the un-cleaned area, you have proven that there are some contaminates on the media that are impeding the latex ink adhesion.
  5. If there is no difference in image quality, the media is not the root cause of the IQ issue.

PVC medias can accumulate higher concentrations of plasticisers over time, and these can interfere with Latex ink adhesion. Cleaning the plasticisers or other contaminates from the print surface, or obtaining a newer roll of media would be options in this case.

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#5 iluna123 3 years ago

#7 HP-Color Guy Thank you very much for you answer. This has Help me with my problem. we are contacting the manufactures/distributor's about the problem. I have attach some pictures so you can see the final details.

Thanks very much i have a Great Day,..

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