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HP Latex 315 - Head Strikes mid-media

#1 totalchoice 4 years ago

We have an HP Latex 315, and we've had it since October 2019. For the past few weeks, we're having an issue where we're getting head strikes and smears mid-print specifically on HP Permanent adhesive vinyls (both gloss and matte). We use edge guards and the TUR, and this is still happening. We've cleaned the vacuum area and platten thoroughly. It doesn't jam the printer, and it doesn't happen at the end (like we didn't feed enough media out first). It's mid-print or towards the end of the print.

It seems to happen mainly on prints where there is a lot of white, so we thought maybe the vacuum setting needed increased. That doesn't seem to help. We've also backed it off with no positive affect. We've changed heat thinking maybe it was the heat, no affect.

Thoughts? We've exhausted all other options.

#2 ivoslbg5445 4 years ago

#1 try using HP self adhesive media profile - mostly it cures surface before printing, but you may download media profile from Check vacuum section for filled holes to clean but mostly vendors changed their products like backing paper to recycling material and results are devastating...lower temp and use profile with preheating printing section (substrate must move onwards to heat) and see if any difference...

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#3 totalchoice 4 years ago

We're using the factory preset for HP Permanent (Gloss or Matte, media dependent) Adhesive Vinyl. We tried backing off the heat a little bit, we'll try backing off more. We also went and poked every single hole to clear it out. No apparent fluff/lint jams, perhaps we need to do it again?

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#4 HP Daniela Ciolompea 4 years ago

Hi @totalchoice,

Please try the following:

  • Use original HP print mode from media locator
  • Reduce vacuum
  • Reduce ink amount
  • Use take-up reel (if not used at this moment)

If these don't solve the issue please contact HP support.

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