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Hp Latex 570 LM-LC printhead can not pass installation process. 4 new sets tried already.

#1 victor.caoyan8462 3 years ago

The 570 used to working fine on our canvas printings. Then it start to show bleeding on black colour, then It shows random colour line or colour block inside and outside of the prints. It reminded LM-LC printhead to be replaced last week. I had two as backup, they are brand new, 2021-2022. so I try to replace with those, but I got bleeding ink when it aligned the printheads, then fail.
I thought my backup may be faulty, so I bought another 3 from different seller this Monday, I tried two new printheads so far, same problem as before. I guess I won't be that lucky to have 4 faulty printheads. it must be something else.

The error message happened so far are:

  1. The troubleshooting process could not identity the failing part. Please contact support and provide the information appearing on the screen. Printhead LM-LC , Status: Reseat , Error code: 0x002002.
  2. Status: Replace Printhead LM-LC Error code: 0x080012. Anyone know how to sort it out. I got HP Z3200 to print my work now, but I have to spray varnish liquid to protect the print, which takes too much time. I Really appreciate any advice.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 3 years ago

Hi @victor.caoyan8462,

If there is Bleeding between inks during printheads align, it might be necessary to load a self-adhesive vinyl to achieve good alignment.

Also, you can increase the optimizer level until you see a significant impact on gloss or color saturation. When not enough optimizer is used, the shape of an image may be unclear, and you may also see bleed and grain.

If the errors persist, I suggest contacting your support representative.

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