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Hp latex 700 problem

#1 info9849 3 months ago

I replaced my 360 with a 700 on July 15th.

Since then, nothing has worked: Grainy print Impossible to have a correct black (blacks are 100% black in my file) A technician to work on it for 3 days, replacing the heads, creating profiles, ..... Everything has been tried, but nothing works. And HP does not want to intervene, because according to them, the machine works correctly. Here is a test printed today, with comparison of prints made with the 360.

360: 8 pass ink 90 700: 8 pass ink 110

The rolls are printed on 360, the parts overlaid with 700.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 3 months ago

Hi @info9849,

First of all, please make sure to use media certified by HP.

On the other hand, grain can be caused by bad PH alignment or advance issues.

  • Make sure that the printheads are in good health and correctly aligned.

  • Make sure that the OMAS is enabled and print the advance plot to choose the correct value for this specific media.

If these don't improve the issue, I suggest contacting your support representative.

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#3 info9849 3 months ago


All this was done by the technical department of our distributor.

All the tests were sent to HP belgium, but according to them, no problem, the quality is "normal".

While our distributor recognizes poor quality.

So we are stuck

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#4 bjpopp 3 months ago

What pass mode, ink density, and optimizer level are you using?

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#5 info9849 3 months ago

we tried just about everything:

6 pass - 6c - ink 100

8 pass - 6c - ink 110

12 pass - 6c - ink 120

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#6 tjvisualdesign5118 2 months ago

That looks like a optimizer issue. Have you done the optimizer chart printout in the substrate section? It looks like the optimizer is not being used at all.

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#7 graphixtrem5537 2 months ago

yes, we tried to increase it and decrease it. on monomeric vinyls, we have excellent results. but on polymer or cast, it's a disaster. we tried on 7 different rolls

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#8 info9849 2 months ago

News: I went to a competitor, who has the same printer. Of course, I went with my vinyl and my files. Well there is no photo: its blacks are very black, and the colors very sharp. So it is definitely a machine problem. For the story:

  1. The installation had been postponed because the machine reserved for us was no longer available
  2. When unpacking the machine, the screen was bent and damaged
  3. The serial number was not known in the HP database
  4. installed on July 15, 2022, but I see on the back, on the label, that the machine was manufactured on the 12th number 2021. Surprising that a machine can remain in stock for 7 months given the shortage in all areas
  5. My quality issues

I wonder if finally, I did not receive a demo or reconditioned machine I'm not a technician, but the first thing that should have been done was to change the printheads and/or the inks. Ok, everything is new, but we are never safe from a manufacturing problem. Here, no, they don't want to do it because they are 99% certain that it does not come from there Hp will now order a roll of orajet 3551 to do tests at home, in barcelona, ​​on their machine.... ridiculous... As if I was the only one in the world to use this vinyl. Especially since we tested avery and arlon too

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