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HP Latex - Gray is Purple

HP Latex 100 Series

#1 Inline Blueprint 5 years ago

Hello all. First time poster here. I also have a lot to learn in the print world so bare with me. I have an HP Latex 110 and I use Flexi to rip & print. We often have an issue where a simple gray (IE - 30% black) comes out looking purple. Do I simply need to use a "rich gray"? Or maybe I need to reduce the optimizer level or perhaps there is a print setting I can check or uncheck? Please advise.

#2 HP-Sonia 5 years ago

I believe you are facing issues on the RIP but not on the printer. As far as I know, Flexi SAI has a setting in Default job Properties (in the RIP and Print window), in one of the tabs which allow printing in GRAYSCALE, try playing with this in order to obtain real greys, but I am still recommending running a specific SAI training. You can ask your reseller for more information.

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#3 Paul Wagner 5 years ago

The first thing that should be checked is the nozzle performance of the printer. Pay particular attention to printhead number 2, which delivers light cyan and light magenta inks on the Latex 110 printer. The nozzle test print is located under the Image Quality Maintenance Menu > Clean Printheads > Test Print. If you are missing blocks of nozzles, run one or more cleanings to attempt to recover the missing nozzles.

It is possible to disable Color Management in the SAI RIP software. When doing so, the raw CMYK values in the file are passed through to the printer without modification in the RIP. See attached screen grab for where this is done in the SAI RIP.

   CC Off.JPG
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#4 Muzeo_Leno 5 years ago

It required me replacing print heads to correct this issue. My printer is the 560, however.

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#5 fullyetched7909 3 years ago

I have a 315 and the color shift happened to me. Also, my greys started to print pink. I changed out printheads and replaced all my ink (it was expired). Nothing helped. Any suggestions would be great!

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#6 graphics8071 3 years ago

#5 We are having the same issue. Did you ever find a solution?

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#7 fullyetched7909 3 years ago

#6 Yes. I ended up changing the LM/LC printhead. No more issues.

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#8 angelstattoo.pz9984 2 years ago

I've had almost one year fight with Grey colour on our 330 and based on my experience there are two solutions. First and most important - Convert all your files to RGB in PhotoShop. Not in Flexi for example. All CMYK Greys are purplish. Rarely you may need to replace the printheads but not all. Mostly the LC and LM. Once my files were converted to RGB, the grey-purple issue just disappeared and grey is grey as have to be. Hope this helps.

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