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Hp310 keeps fouling LM printhead

#1 zinkcharles08304 3 years ago

Hello everyone happy holidays. We have a 310 that is printing grey with a very green tint. If I change the LM printhead, it fixes it for about 20ft of printing. Then the LM fouls out and we have green again instead of grey. I have been through 3 LM printheads. Also, the printer will show the LM as being out of warranty after it fouls, even though warranty is until 2022. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you for your consideration on this problem!

#2 HP-ColorGuy 3 years ago

Are any of the ink cartridges (not the printheads) reporting as expired? You can get this information from the Ink Icon on the front panel.

If any inks are expired, you will want to replace them with fresh ink - also be aware that there is a volume of ink in the ink delivery system that will need to be printed or purged to get the fresh ink to the printhead.

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#3 zinkcharles08304 3 years ago

Hi yes there was an expired light magenta I changed it out a few days ago. Do you think the expired ink in the lines is what’s foiling the printhead? Is there a way to flush the ink out or do you think I should just keep cleaning light magenta to get ink through?

Thanks! Charles

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#4 HP-ColorGuy 3 years ago

Yes, the expired ink in the IDS is likely the reason that the gray tones keep shifting after a period of printing. There are really only two options: draw the old lm ink through the IDS with a syringe, or to print the lm ink through the printhead.

To print the lm ink only (without consuming other inks) create a large vector rectangle in your design application, and fill with 25-percent magenta. Be sure to print the file with color management off (color correction disabled) in the software RIP. Depending on the physical size of the rectangle, you may need to print it a series of times to get all of the old lm ink through the IDS.

One tip: you can check how much lm ink is consumed in each job in the Embedded Web Server's job accounting section. This may provide info on how many times the rectangle needs to be printed to get the old ink through the lines.

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