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HP700W. Ruined prints prints / white streaks / damage ink.

#1 info12701 a year ago

For a long time my prints are getting ruined because of white streaks. It seems to happen at the beginning and at the end of every job. But sometime also middle of a job. I have replaced my maintenance cartridge en al my printheads and still the problem is not solved. Today i printed 20 times the same job, and on 10 of the 20 jobs the problem occurs. i used different materials and on all the materials the problem occurs. I hope this problem can be solved because it seems my service partner can not fix this problem.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea a year ago

Hi @info12701,

Seeing the pictures attached, it seems that the media has risen while printing, touching the deflectors of the fans in the curing zone and leaving a mark because the plot has not yet been cured.

The following are our recommendations and possible fixes:

  • The issue could be related to a bad selection of the media preset. We recommend downloading the MP from Hp Media Locator (search Media Brand + media reference) and using the profiled and/or certified preset if available.

  • If it is not available, we recommend working with the Generic profile, in this case, a Generic SAV MP (we believe it is a vinyl and prints stickers because of the cut visible in the pictures shared).

  • Load the media + attach it mandatory to the TUR Take up reel.

  • After attaching the media, perform the TUR Calibration available in Front Panel - Substrate - TUR options - Calibrate.

  • If with all these you are still facing the issue while printing, you should go to the media preset in Substrate Library / Print modes / Select the Print mode you are using, click on edit / Advanced settings / Take-up-reel tension mode (see attached picture).

We recommend testing with Apply tension only after advancing or Always apply tension. By printing some meters you can verify the performance result.

If you are still facing issues after these recommendations, I recommend contacting your support representative.

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