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L360 - Straightness Optimization Plot

HP Latex 360 Printer

#1 PG1 9 years ago

Has anybody trie the Straightness Optmization Plot, as mentioned on p84 of the manual. If so have you worked out how to use this, the instructions on it are far from clear, and clearly a google type translation from chinese/japanese.

We would like to ensure that materials we use such as wall papers with long drops are as accurate as possible when printed/matched up.

I can find no reference to it other than a single paragraph on p84 of the manual, and no references on the internet as to how to use it.

Any suggestions??

#2 PG1 9 years ago

Does the lack of reply mean that even the people at HP don't know how this works then??

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#3 HP-MarcM 9 years ago

Hi PG1,

I'm sorry for the delay of the answer. I've been looking for other material about the straightness optimization plot. Finally, I've asked to some colleagues from the lab if they could help me with this case and this is what they replied me:

In order to print the straightness optimization plot, you must follow the following steps:

1- Download the straightness optimization plot file from the printer.

2- Print the file escalated to the whole media width, with the printmode you want to use for the future final print (straightness optimization to zero).

3- Using a rule, draw a line from edge to edge of the plot (were all the lines from the top of the image collide. ( I will recommend you to wait to take the measures, the usual amount of time you take between printing and cutting, since the media bowing should vary during time)

4- Now measure the distance between your line and the red line of the plot. The distance is the straightness correction you must introduce in the "advance properties" of the profile.

Remember that from now on this profile will use this correction. If you use a different media width you must do again the process.

I really hope this helps.

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