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L360 substrate shifting issue

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 petehusky 6 years ago

Hi there - we run 2 L360s, both printing onto fabric. One has an issue where the fabric shifts slightly while printing - meaning the print whilst still looking good, isn't square. So when we fold it, the print doesn't fold it's a little trapezoidal. We've tried reloading the substrate, re-aligning, but can't get it fixed. The other printer doesn't do it. Can anyone help please?

#2 HP-AyelenFernandez2 6 years ago

Dear petehusky,

Thanks for ask!

Please, could you attached some images? Thanks a lot for that!

What media are you using? Do you know if it's certified? Are you using the correct profile? How often does the issue happen? Have you tried swapping media between printers?

Please, provide me more info and ''ll help you asap.

Thanks a lot!

Wrm regards.

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#3 petehusky 6 years ago

yes have tried that - it's almost like the fabric is trying to move slightly as it's printing - we have the skew set to 1mm when we load the fabric. it is certified and we are using the correct profile and sometimes it is better and sometimes worse. The prints are typically only A0 in size. Aside from skew are there any other ways to ensure it is loaded on totally straight?? (assuming that is the issue)

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#4 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @petehusky

Can you please let us know wich media and profile you are using? We might give you further explanations with this inofrmation.

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#5 petehusky 6 years ago

Berger Revolution Fabric (and profile)

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#6 robertjramsay6074 5 years ago

This thread appears to have expired without a resolution. We also have this same problem when printing canvas prints on Latex 360. We print on Fredrix 901SG HP Latex certified canvas at 10P 100% ink with a curing temp of 95'c with shrinkage and stretch corrected in the RIP.The media is loaded with 1 mm skew and is attached to the TUR, the variable output tension kit has been installed and output tension set to nil as recommended by HP. The output size when measured on the X and Y axis is correct however the output is not square, it has a noticeable rhomboid shape when checked with a framing square. Does anybody a resolution to this problem?, the wastage when stretching prints on to the stretcher frames is significant Many thanks

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#7 HP-Sonia 5 years ago

You should properly clean the printer, especially the drive roller and ensure to load the TUR correctly. You should check if it happens with other substrates and if the issue persists you should contact your HP reseller.

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#8 paulelw 5 years ago

#1 Generally for fabric to be precise it needs tension. It should be loaded onto the Take Up Roll (TUR). If the curing area is sticking or causing shift then you would need to use the Output Platen Protector. Make sure the media is on the takeup roll correctly and wound. This will waste some media but give you the most precise run possible.

Check your feed rolls for any debris or glue. This will affect how media travels along. You may need a technician to check and clean the entire area.

Check with media vendor if media has any temperatures for print or if any heat levels affect the physical shape of the media. It can cause uneven stretching.

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