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L700W - Error 0021 0002 0001 - Drop Detector Malfunction

#1 rory8297 a year ago

I can't get hold of Local HP Support

Has anyone had this error and is there a way to clear it or what is the required fix?

The error occurs during initialization at around 40% and the machine cannot start up.

We have had this error for the past few weeks and restarting cleared it but now it won't clear. We have disconnected all power before restarting and the same error.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea a year ago

Hi @rory8297,

I suggest contacting your support representative as a first step. Judging by your location, I think the main option would be Midcomp.

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#3 rory8297 a year ago

#2 Thanks we use Graficomp. They have suggested the drop detector needs to be replaced and are waiting on spares, hopefully next week before they can book the tech to visit us.

The drop detector error is intermittent and mainly occurs when we change jobs or material, when it gets used.

If we switch the machine off for 1-3 hrs it works again!!

1 month out of warranty!

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#4 k_graham a year ago

#1 Same Issue Drop Detector Malfunction .and warranty gone ... Grimco has sent us the part but no instructions for install and their 3 lines are not answering today .... We see it is shown as part of the "Service Station" but no information on line about removal and replacement of that. Service is 350 miles away , and don't answer.... very disappointed
Does anyone kinow the procedure to remove and replace?

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#5 rory8297 a year ago

#4 It's very easy to replace but probably not necessary.

Remove the Maintenance Cartridge and you can then remove the 2 screws that hold the unit to the frame and then it's a bit of wiggle to get the unit out and replace in reverse.

We managed to get oil onto the shaft and lubricate it without removing it, which solved the problem. When it's removed it is much easier to lubricate and manually rotate the gear to get the lubrication spread.

Info I got from some techs is that this is a common problem and in extreme cases the gear drive can break which will require replacement, otherwise just lubricate it.

The new part is being kept as a spare!

Suggest lubricating the rails that the maintenance cartridge runs on as well, as apparently this is another common problem.

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#6 greg20844 3 months ago

#5 Are you suggesting that the error code (DROP DETECTOR MALFUNCTION) is solved by lubricating a rail and gears? I'm getting this error message now, and would love more insight Thanks!

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#7 rory8297 a month ago

#6 We have established a 2nd issue related to this error which seems to be caused by the White ink overspray getting onto the Optical encoder under the motor used to move the detector.

This can be cleaned with some alcohol on a Q-tip while turning the motor manually. Clean both sides of the encoder and reinstall.

We are still running the original unit and it requires cleaning every 3-4 months depending on how much white printing we do or how many times we insert the white heads.

The white ink also drips all over the detector, but this doesn't seem to cause the error which is related to the movement of the detector.

You can check during the latter part of the boot process, +80%, when the Maintenace cartridge and the encoder need to move at the same time. If the encoder doesn't move at the same time you can try these solutions.

I have attached a photo of the encoder on the spare we still have not used.

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