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L700w Multiple Issues in the past 24hrs - Blured Print, Auto Load Fails & Next Job Overprints Previous

#1 rory8297 4 months ago

We have had all the above issue occur in the past 24hrs and they may be linked.

When printing, randomly a section +-500mm or more will be blurred during the run.

We found that after the material is advanced between each head pass there was a very slight 2nd advance before the head moved, which caused that section of the print, the width of the 2 printheads, to be blurred. The extra advance occurred after 6 or more passes.

I have been able to stop the blurred print by disabling the OMAS and it seems to be printing sharper than it ever has!

When using the autoload, which we have only used previously, the material is normally left 20mm outside the pinch rollers and is ready for print. Now the material it is pulling back though the pinch rollers and is unloaded although the screen still thinks the material is loaded!

We have to manual load now!

When a job is completed and cures and then another job starts printing without removing the material, the next job starts printing +- 20mm over the previous job ruining them both!.

We are not using the cut function as I'm sure that it will cut through the print. We are moving the material manually to give a bigger space between the jobs but even then, it moves around and seems to have a mind of its own!

Updated the Firmware, Cleaned Encoder & OMAS Window, ran Printhead Alignment and Calibrations. No Change!

All this could be linked to one part but local Tech not sure.

Any suggestions?

Door Motor failed last month and Drop Detector 2 weeks ago!

Getting very nervous!!

13 months old!!! Thankfully we still have our L330!!!

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 4 months ago

Hi @rory8297,

My suggestion is to contact your support representative to check the printer.

They might need to perform some service calibration or check HW parts.

Without media information and details on the workflow, it is rather difficult troubleshooting the issue.

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#3 bjpopp 4 months ago

You may have a worn main substrate advance grit roller. We had to get ours replaced after having all sorts of the same issues that you are describing. HP service techs know about it but will probably not acknowledge it right away. Run your finger along the metal grit roller and check to see if the metal feels different where the pinch rollers sit versus where it doesn't. If you feel alternating smooth and rough patches, it's done for and needs to get swapped out.

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