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L800W - 0010-0020-0087 Power Board 24V line current output high

#1 renz_ekta 3 months ago


I got this problem 2 days ago, already restart printer several times still had the error. My printer still in warranty. Today engineer from HP distributor has checked it, he replaced power supplies (2 boxes and 1 pcb), but the error is still there. Even he replaced mechatronic psu and its extension but nothing help. How can we fix it? There's a lot job queuing.

Thanks, Renz

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 3 months ago

Hi @renz_ekta,

It looks like you followed the correct steps for troubleshooting.

  • Check that all cables from the Power Board PCA are unbroken, undamaged, and properly connected; replace them if necessary.

  • Run service diagnostic 0010-01 Check Power supply and 0010-02 Power supply functional test.

  • Check that the Mechatronics PSU and Power Board PCA are unbroken and undamaged. Replace Power Board PCA (Y0U21-67107).

You also replaced the 2 PSUs and 1 PCB (probably the Power Board PCA).

If these actions have not fixed the issue, I suggest contacting your support representative with case details to analyze the logs.

If you can share the Serial Number of the printer, we could try to check the logs.

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#3 renz_ekta 2 months ago

#2 Hi,

Serial No. MY1BJ2T00B


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#4 HP Daniela Ciolompea 2 months ago

Hi @renz_ekta,

My colleagues advised that you need to connect the printer to the internet, as we are unable to see any logs. Amongst many advantages of having it connected are: the automatic FW update, downloading presets for different substrates from the Media Locator, etc.

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