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Latex 335 - material crumpling

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 myrecs5709 5 years ago

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

While printing long job material becomes crumpled under the rollers. Material - syntetic canvas (230-260 g/m2), 1.52 m width. Not at the start but may be at the roll half. And somewhere at the width center. Bumps appear on the material and then printing head begins th scratch it. Only stopping print and lifting rollers helps to align material(. Changing vacuum, temperature and so on doesn't affect anything. And this problem also exists with Latex 360. Is this HP's defect?

#2 HP-Sonia 5 years ago

From your description and the pictures attached I suggest you to perform the following steps:

  • Ensure the printer is within the environmental specifications for best printing as mentioned in the User Guide
  • Ensure that the substrate is not expired or in bad conditions.
  • Ensure that the substrate has been left to stabilize thermally next to the printer for 24h.
  • Ensure that the printer and drive roller is clean and not sticky as well as the pinch rollers.
  • Ensure that the platen is clean and no vacuum holes are obstructed.
  • Ensure that you are loading with the lowest skew value.
  • Ensure that you are loading the TUR before starting to print. You can also cut the leading edge into a "V" shape to improve centering on the TUR.
  • Set the curing temperature as low as possible.
  • Use the HP Media Solution Locator to ensure that you are using the right profile for the media.

If the issue persists you should contact the media vendor.

I hope this information helps

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