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HP Latex 360 Printer

#1 SK 7 years ago

We recently experienced a very unusual problem with our L360 which we had for 1.5 yrs.

Problem relates to yellowie/oil like residue dripping on to prints.

We thought its a problem with the optimizer printhead so we replaced it.

However the same problem reoccured and became much more often.

When this residue is on the prints, it can be wiped off but leaves a mark on the printed image rendering it useless.

We had a technican come in to service our unit and upon opening the printhead carriage, we discovered this residue liquid to be building up on the floor of the carriage and there is lots of it.

After some further investigation, we suspect the building of this residue overflowed the carriage, spilling into the line sensor unit compartment and driped down the opening.

Inside the wall of the housing cover which we had to unscrew and remove in order to reveal the internals showed signs of prolong spraying of this substance.

Does anyone know what is this substance and where it comes from?

#2 PrintOne 7 years ago

It kinda looks like optimizer.

Any thoughts HP? Watching this with interest from the sidelines....

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#3 HP-Sonia 7 years ago

Hello @SK

There is very little I can do from this forum except to suggest you call your Service Support to do a check and clean. You might be interested in reading the Latex 300 Printer Series Site Preparation Guide.

I am sorry I cannot give you further assistance. Please keep me informed.

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#4 AdaptiveTextile 7 years ago

Mine just started doing something similar a month ago at the end of prints. I mainly noticed it when I use the cutter at the end.. the liquid spots are usually somewhere in the last 5" of the print. When I take the subtrate out, I can see the liquid sitting on the platens. Is mine coming from the bottom? What could be down there to cause it?

I'm watching ths post for answers

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#5 SK 7 years ago

Hello Sonia,

Our technician came in today to check the status and once again found further build-ups of the residue inside the carriage.

The paper towel he inserted last time were completely soaked and saturated in yellow. (See Attached Image).

The troubleshooting suggests a leak somewhere in the line near the print head connection terminal. There are no signs of leaking when machine is off due to the system being unpressurized.

The next logical step would be to replace the entire ink feedline starting from the ink cartridge end.

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#6 HP-Sonia 7 years ago

Hello @SK

I hope the issue is sort it out soon by the technician.

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#7 Roy_Kuzmich 7 years ago

The only time I have ever seen liquid in the carriage like that has been an ink leak,

if you are certain it is not ink, then it could be the Optimizer (not sure what it looks like compared to ink).

Only solution is to replace the Ink Tube and Trailing cable assy.

Do you find that the Optimaizer Ink Cartridge level has lowered faster than usual?


There are no other liquids used in the printer. If it is condensation of some sort then I would suggest that maybe your environment has too much humidity.

Good Luck,


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#8 --- 7 years ago

This same thing happened to us. The only thing that worked was replacing all the printheads and the cleaning kit at the same time. When we tried to replace the printheads one by one, the optimizer continued to make the new printheads useless and dripped optimizer.

We fixed this problem 4 months ago and now it seems to have happened again. Not sure how to prevent it.

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#9 SK 7 years ago

We identified our problem to be a leak near the optimizer printhead connector.

We fixed our problem by changing the entire ink feedline from the cartridge all the way to the printhead carriage.

This process took about 2hrs.

This eliminated the issue and we have been troublefree since.

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#10 HP-Sonia 7 years ago

Hello @SK

Thanks for sharing the solution. I am happy you are back on printing as usual!

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