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LC/LM Printhead died after 1.5L

#1 myrecs5709 2 years ago

Hello. The most problematic print head in latex is LM/LC, it has the smallest resource among all print heads. But today we faced the poorest quality of that printhead for all time - it died after few months of usage and 1.5 L inks run. Moreover LM is ideal on test but LC almost completely dead. How??? Also it happend like so - we printed long jobs without any problems, shut down printer, everything was fine and then started printing after a few days again and the result was with rose tint on print. Made a PH test and were shocked - LC 80% nozzels were out. All is seen on images. None cleaning helped of course. HP gives warranty for 1 L, but we ran 1.5L! So what should we do in such situation, buy a new one?) But how could we know it won't be repeated, especially when we facing the unpredictable behavior of this printhead from time to time as i said earlier?? The first PH that shipped with printer were good, but the last ones for a last couple of years leave a lot to be desired. 1.5l it is not a volume at all. If HP PHs are so poor quality then i dont see any financial reasons to use HPs latex products!!

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 2 years ago

Hi @myrecs5709,

Sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. I suggest trying the below.

First of all, perform a soft clean on the PH with distillate water, and then two hard cleanings on the PH. If that doesn't solve it, try to print a pattern with only LC ink, as printing with a lot of LC ink could recover the PH health.

If none of these actions solve the issue, the only option is to change the PH. Also, it might be worth getting in touch with your support representative, to investigate the situation further.

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#3 myrecs5709 2 years ago

I did all type if cleaning and none helped. I didnt print with only LC, but i think it wouldnt had any effect. It could be somehow connected with a very small amount of LC inks left in cartridge (1ml) on shutdown and new print, but no there wasnt any warnigs and it was not the first situation with little inks amount left on start, but it didnt affect the cartridge in any case except this. Probably air trapped in cartridge, but i couldnt solve the problem as was pointed. Of course we're in touch with our service company, but they cant say anything especially when PH is not on the warranty already. But what if it not the last time? Why the little amount of inks leads to this? May be it is not connected, but it is very strange coincidence. I think that HP could help in such kind of situations despite warranty! We cant change PHs every 1.5 l while the warranty only to 1l.

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#4 HP Daniela Ciolompea 2 years ago

Hi @myrecs5709,

If this is a one-time and is the first time happening, most probably you will need to change the PH. If this happened in the past several times, I would recommend escalating the issue, as it might be an electrical issue or there might be air inside the PH. In this case, a service engineer needs to check the printer, otherwise, it could happen again. I am sorry I can't help more on this matter.

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