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Maintanance Cartridge PROBLEM

HP Latex 330 Printer

#1 Luismax4 7 years ago

Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me on this one.

I was printing a job when suddenly our Latex HP 330 stopped printing. It was giving me this error (21.5:03). As you can see on the image, it was asking me to turn off the printer and remove and insert manually the printhead maintenance cartridge. Which I did, but it did not work and then another error showed up (21.2:10).

So, I removed the old Maintanance Cartridge and replaced it with a new one (doing this manually since the printer is off). The problem is that our printer is not accepting the new one. It keeps giving me the same error over and over again (21.2:10). Everytime I turn it on, it will stop at around 60-64% when is doing the "ink checking" folling a little noise on the Maintanance Cartridge like is trying to engage.

I'm not sure if the Maintanance Cartridge should be pushed all the way to the back or leave it on the front!? Like I said, I have to do this manually, so I don't know exactly where I should leave it, so the printer can recognize it and start working.

thank in advance. If you need more details, let me know.

Solved! Go to Solution.

#2 AdaptiveTextile 7 years ago

since owning the hp latex (1 year), we have had this issue twice. The first time in less than a month of ownership, it ended up being a critical error with the entire system. It took 4 technicians and 3 months replacing every single part that exists, to finally declare it unfixable.. hp had to replace the whole machine.

The second time it happened (a few months ago), the HP technician came out, and replaced the little board and gears that drive the maintenance cartridge.. problem solved.

I would suggest pulling the maintenance cartridge out to see if there is any paper or plastic jammed in the little gears and tracks. If not, then call HP ASAP, and hopefully you're still under warranty.

call 1-800-334-5144.. say printers, then latex (they may have changed the commands)

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#3 HP-Sonia 7 years ago

Hello @Luismax4

I suggest you to call your support services. Please keep us update of the situation.

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#4 Luismax4 7 years ago

Sadly, it is what you mentioned. And this is the 3rd time it happenes. First time it just stopped working probably after 3 or 4 months. The motor and PCA (board) was changed for new ones. Second time, the motor burned after a jam. And this time it was because it seems that the maintenance cartridge was dripping ink and it got into the motor and probably board... so probably it burned (short circuit).

I already contacted HP Support to send someone to fix the problem (we are not under warranty anymore, so this is not good).

Thank you for your help.

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#5 addvice promotions a year ago

--- comment deleted ---

#6 addvice promotions a year ago

Hello I have experienced the same error, at first i received error 21.5.03 indicating that the printhead maintainace cartidge roll is blocked which was yesterday. Today i just received a new error indicating that rackengage :unable to disengage rack. Any assistance will be helpful. Thanks in advance

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#7 dariochurin22400 2 months ago

#1 wich was te solution?

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