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Matching Profiles on L360 an L3000

HP Latex 3000 Series

#1 Morktral 9 years ago

Hi there, I´m trying to match a material on bocth the HP L360 and the Latex 3000. But the results are always different. Due to the limited manipulations possibilitys and the contone printing method I don´t know how to do it. The goal should be the same impression on both machines (Lets say the L360 should be a kind of proof printer for the L3000)

Any Ideas?

#2 Morktral 9 years ago

No one with an idea?

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#3 HP-MarcM 9 years ago

Hi Morktral,

Sorry for the long delay. We are working on generating a document that will help you with your problem. I expect to have it this week. I will post it as soon as I get it.

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#4 --- 9 years ago

Any update on this topic? I am also trying to match colors and output between a 360 and 3000.

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#5 --- 9 years ago

We matched the HP 3000 to the HP 360 and the colors are perfect.

I will keep it simple.

Do you have a spectrophotometer? If not I'm not too sure on what you can do.

If you do this is what you want to do.

There are two parts to color management. The first part is color accuracy (ICC Profiling is how you obtain this) and the second is color consistency (the HP Printer maintains this).
With any other printer you would want to use your RIP software to manage both of these but with the HP 3000 and HP 360 you only want your RIP software to manage the Color Accuracy (ICC Profiling).

So with that being said, on your RIP you will create the ICC profiles and a Ink Limit. The ICC Profiles need to be created for each substrate and for every profile that has a different Ink Density. You want your Pass Modes, Ink Density levels, and Ink Limits to all be the exact same for both printers. Make sense so far. What you don’t want to do is create lineaization or curve profiles through your RIP software, only ICC and Ink Limit.
If the color starts to drift you want to run the maintenance task on your printer, such as color calibration, jet head alignment, jet head cleaning, replacing the jet head, cleaning the camera etc. Color drifting is caused from print head failure so you will have to manage that from the printer calibrations. Once you ICC profile once, you should never have to do that again.
Good luck.

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#6 Morktral 9 years ago

Thank you for your answer Jeff-Mitchell,

first of all keep in mind that the Ink Limit of the Latex and L3000 is handled by the printer itself during the creation of the media.

We already created profiles for both of the machines, the ICC was created using a Barbiere Spectro LFP, to keep the gamut as big as possible, but they don´t match "perfectly".

If you would use the same Ink limit on both machines the Quality will be even worse we had to use 120 % on the 360 and 100 % on the Latex 3000.

We tried even to use the smaller Profile (L3000) as a "simulation" Profile with colormetric (with and without BPC)...

With the same outcome

On the Left side you can see the L360 right is Latex 3000...

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#7 Shane Wilson 3 years ago

#3 where do i find this document?

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