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HP Latex 200 Series

#1 Murrays 9 years ago

Hi - new to this community & hoping someone can help!

A couple of weeks ago we had to have an enginneer out for our L25500 latex as we had a 'Maintence #3’ message appear, which I'm told consists of a new aerosol fan and filter which are in the unit below the printer, the check valve which transfers the waste ink from inside the printer to the maintenance cartridge and the line sensor which checks for skew and paper width plus a general service.

Whether or not its a coincidence, but ever since we have had major issues in print length being totally wrong. I printed a 2500mm x 900mm onto self adhesive and the width was fine but the length was nearly 70mm short. This has become quite a regular occurance now on different medias...but all random sizes / times it's happening.

We've tried the paper advance calibration which is all fine. The annoying thing is, is how random it happens...we can print some which are fine then all of a sudden the next print is short. Even an A2 poster came out 10mm short so its not just on long prints.

If anyone else has had this issue or any suggestions as to what we can try it would be very much appreciated! We're wasting so much material on incorrect prints at the moment!


#2 HP-MarcM 9 years ago

Hi Murrays,

Your problem sounds to me like you are having some king of issue with your HP Designjet L25500 Printer OMAS device. This device basically will help the printer to measure and aling the media when loading it. If the sensor is damagen, it does't makes work properly. I will recommed to have a look to it, and let me know.

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