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Media raised in centre on a lot of substrates

HP Latex 310 Printer

#1 paul7092 4 years ago

I’ve had my latex for a while now and never solved this issue which is common on a lot of materials. The medium doesn’t stay flat and raises in the middle causing the print to smudge. It’s only raises up across a 10cm zone. My work around is to run the take up roller as this helps flatten the sheet. I’ve increased vacuum but this doesnt always work. The material is raised even before ink or heat stage. I’ve released rollers on off to see if it’s a loading issue. The worst culprit is satin poster paper 200gsm. Any advice much appreciated.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 4 years ago

Hi @paul7092, to rule out that the problem is related to the heat generated by the curing system, can you try to move the media through the front panel before launching the job just to check if the bubble is generating in the middle without heat. If still happens it may be an issue from pinch wheels or any other part in the substrate path. In that case I suggest you contact HP support.

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#3 EV333-CPAS 2 years ago

#1 I suffered the same issue with Sihl's Trisolv PrimeArt Poster Paper. No matter what I tried, it would always strike the curing module and smear the prints. I put it on the take up roll with no luck. There was no way that I could get that media to behave. Searching the web proved fruitless.

Now we can all rely on the Latex Guru Mr. Timothy Mitchell so I fired up YouTube and went straight to Timothy's videos until I came across one where he covers heavy, rigid substrates such as poster paper.

He avoids printing such media on the smaller Latex printers. Turn down the heat, increase the vacuum, increase the airflow, introduce an inter-pass delay, run it at 12 passes, lower the ink density and so on and so on. Using the media profile "out of the box" yielded prints that were wet, oily, smudged and scratched easily. It took a day to dry properly.

Sihl Australia didn't bother to reply to my email until their Eurpoean branch followed up. Suffice to say they were of little help and the vendor was no better.

The width of the media (I bought a 1372mm roll) is problematic and it wants to rise up and get toasty with the curing module.

Timothy's videos are brilliant. He's a wealth of knowledge and an excellent presenter. Watch his videos, they are invaluable.

Hopefully this may help you and/or others.

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#4 markh16589 8 months ago

#3 Hello, I hope you are well. I am getting the very same issue as you on the very same material! Did you manage to rectify the issue in the end? I have ordered a smaller 1270mm roll to see if that is better than the 1370mm so finger crossed. So frustrating as all other materials go through without problems. I tried lots of variations too.

Kind regards Mark

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