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Overspray Ink when printing testing plot

#1 Inkpress 3 years ago

Hi Everyone, It's been quite a few months since I last use my Latex 310. I was printing a large photo with large area of evening sky (blue-purplish colour)

But the photo prints out very purplish, there's no blue in it.

I ran the printhead check and one thing I notice is the printer is putting exceed amount of ink on the testing plot. Beside the color is off on the actual photo printing, it doesn't put exceed amount of ink on the actual file printing.

I have replace LM-C & Yellow Print Head and it's still printing like this on the testing plot printing.

Any help will be most apprecaited.

#2 HP-ColorGuy 3 years ago

Run the printhead test plot. It is located under Settings > Image Quality Maintenance > Clean Printheads > Test Print.

Visually evaluate at the pattern for all six printheads, and pay particular attention to printhead number 2 (lc/lm) - from the test print that you posted, there may be issues with the lc channel. This can be confirmed with the Test Print.

If there are large breaks in the pattern for any color(s), run one or more cleanings for the effected channel(s), followed by a Test Print to verify satisfactory nozzle performance.

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#3 Inkpress 3 years ago

Thanks for the reply. Those plot test print photo I uploaded was taken after HEAD CLEAN process. I did the cleaning process quite a few times, still getting the same result.

Just want to see if I can gain some confirmation on the cause of issue on the forum before I go and purchase the right parts.

I am having a feeling, maybe a new print head is the only fix on those.

Will you say Cyan+Black head also need to be replaced. As I can see the printer is putting a lots of BLACK on the plot test print. Funny it doesn't do the overspray thing when doing standard printing.

It only happen when I do the PLOT TEST or CALIBRATION PRINT. But my color is differently way off during standard printing.

So will you say replace print head is my only option to fix the issue?

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#4 HP-ColorGuy 3 years ago

Please post the pic/ image of the Printhead Test Print - the pics that you posted is for an alignment test.

See post #2 for instruction.

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