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Print registration goes out on left hand side

#1 jhan8046 3 years ago

Good day, I've been having some issues with my 330 for a while now. When printing the registration/clarity of the print on the right-hand side of the machine comes out perfect, on the left-hand side of the printer, it seems that the registration goes out causing a blurry print which gets worst as you get closer to the end of the print. I have tried a shorter width media thinking that could solve the issue but the problem persists no matter the width of the media. I have tried different media, print head alignment, advance settings etc, nothing works. I think it might be playing in the print head carriage that as it slows down to change direction it lifts, could this be possible? should there be any play here? Or an issue with the encoder strip?

#2 ivoslbg5445 3 years ago

Have you oiled the both rods for carriage (lower-the visible one and the uppet - thinner one), except cleaning the encoder strip?

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#3 jhan8046 3 years ago

They have both been oiled, the machine is second-hand thou so I'm not entirely sure that the previous owner had done so. If I try to move the carriage there is a little play there, do you know if there should be any play? I have gone through all the maintenance/quality tips/advise that I could find online.

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#4 ivoslbg5445 3 years ago

#3 If this printer is second-hand, have you checked if SMK #1, #2 or #3 is done, condition of printheads - brand new or over 1L fired through, because this effect mostly happens when you have printheads for replacement, bad (expired) ink or ink cartridges haven't been shaken for a long time...but I strongly advise you to call support to check overall condition of this printer

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#5 HP Daniela Ciolompea 3 years ago

Hi @jhan8046,

I would recommend printing using spit bars activated on the RIP. This should improve the results.

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