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Printing Issue on PVC Banner

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 Binyam@AMEYIB 5 years ago

We are a communication Agency in Ethiopia and we recently are experiencing printing issue with PVC Banners. We have been using the same media in the past and did not encounter any problem. But recently we could not get the right print quality on the print. we tried downloading and used many media settings but none seems to work.

I have attached the printed image for reference

Can anyone please assist us

I appreciate all the help I can get

#2 HP-Sonia 5 years ago

To understand what is happening to your media, please see the solution in another post:

I suggest you to print with a new fresh roll as I believed what you are experiencing is Plasticizers on your media.

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#3 AMS_HP_Instructor 5 years ago


I believe from the picture, you are in fact experiencing Plastizer issues... This can happen on PVC based medias for different reasons but the most common is media that has been stored for some time and/or stored in hot environments for long periods of time. The easy way to check this is to use IPA (Alchohol) and clean an area of the banner, then print... If the image quality is now better in the area that was cleaned, then you can be assured this is an issue with your media and plasticizer migration. Make sure to use "Fresh Media" that has been stored properly and make sure to "Rotate" your stock using a "First-in-First-Out" method.

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