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Printing on Magnetic Substrate - L360

HP Latex 360 Printer

#1 --- 7 years ago

Good morning, I am new to the forum. I joined because I could not find anyone else with experience in this matter. I am having difficulties printing on magnetic substrate. (Digimag Magnetic print material on roll)

My issues are:

• The heat deforms and softens the magnet material

• The deformity allows it to get stuck and jam up in the heat curing area (Even using the soft carpeted platen, I have to manually pull on the magnet so it doesnt get stuck)

• The ink density is already down to 60% and it does not cure

So my dilema is, to cure the ink I have to raise the heat, which deforms the magnet too much and gets jammed up or way too soft.

Has anyone had any luck printing on magnetic material with heat cure?

Thanks in advance!!


Garrett Printing

Evansville, IN

#2 HP-Sonia 7 years ago

Hello @GarrettPrinting
Printing on Magnetics it is not an easy task, having said that, I would propose:

  • Set the curing to a temperature that does not deform the media.
  • Modify the ink% until you feel the saturation is acceptable
  • Reduce the optimizer% progressively until the image quality is adequate
  • Increase the number of passes until is completely cured
  • Finally, you could increase the interswath delay to make the curing taking longer

I hope this tips helps to get your porpoise.

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#3 --- 7 years ago

Hi jay,

i had this issue for quite sometime until i came across
Digimags musclemag 0.15 thickness designed for the latex 360, it runs smoothly without buckling up or sticking to
the platen and also does not get deformed or wrinkled from the heat. i run mine on a 16pass profile with minimum heat.

Advance P&G
Columbus, OH.

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