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Problem with substrate/color

HP Latex 570 Printer

#1 CtrlP 6 years ago

Hello everyone

I`m having HP Latex 570, and recently i got problems with prints.

I tried to print on a banner substrate steiko (which i used to print already before), which was brand new and opened just before print. It started to print normal but after aprox. 20cm it started to print grainy, faded and light as you can see in attachement (it prints okay until "sock" then you can see lighter color till end of job). When job was done i printed againg the same file and it looked the same - 20 cm okay, then rest of work light/faded. It started recently to happen also on matt monomeric vinyl but didn`t noticed on other prints on substrates like HP PVC vinylfree, gloss monomeric vinyl, silk paper etc.

Does it looks like a problem with substrate to you, with printheads or something else?

I`ve seen solution to try cleaning substrate with isopropylic alcohol and check if something changes and will try it tomorrow.

Thanks in advance

#2 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @CtrlP

Looking at pictures attached it seems like there is some plasticizer effect. It could be caused by wrong media storage conditions (too low/high temperature or too high/low humidity for example). HP Latex 570 has roller called "wiper roller" designed to clean media surface before print in order to avoid this kind of situations, so from our side strongly recommend the following actions:

-Install wiper roller: Wiper roller for HP Latex 560 and 570 Printers
-Improve media storage conditions or place rolls 24h before print on the same room conditions than printer
-Clean media surface with isopropyl alcohol.

If issue persist after follow this recommendations please call your support team in order to check what's happening exactly.

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