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Profiling section question

HP Latex 260 Printer

#1 David_Richard 9 years ago

Hi again, profiling question this time but on the printer for now

How can we change the default print speed and curing temperature on the linearisation step when creating profiles on the printer ? It's a bit strange that it would be locked in only one mode. I understand the principle behind using it for all the print modes afterwards and extrapolating but it's very limiting when you're having curing issues. IE, not enough temp and having the media backup into the feed rollers and smearing the print !!


#2 David_Richard 9 years ago

Here's a very good picture example of the problem.

You can see that the amount of optimizer is wrong in this example because there is coalescence in the canvas's valleys and we're missing pigments on the peaks.

You can also see the drying is wrong because the black sections are still wet and bleeding...

Why does it use fixed curing temp, optimizer and passes for this section of the profiling ? Could I bypass that from onyx ?

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#3 David_Richard 9 years ago

Sorry to keep replying, I can't edit my original post it seems.

There's another problem when the printer tries to read the patches. I've had an issue on a banner that printed well but was still a little bit soft from the curing heat when it went back to get read. The vacuum setting is very agressive during that step and it steps in very quickly when it moves the media. It seems that the timing between the vacuum release and the printer trying to move the media to read the next patch is a bit too quick and sometimes causes some media folding on the platten.

Example, media is in position to read the first line of patches, Vacuum kicks in at high level, media patches are read. Vacuum is released and media is moved right away in one quick jolt... sometimes the vacuum is not released completely and it folds the media on the web and then the printhead catches the media... A slightly less agressive movement or a slight delay would help.


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#4 HP-MarcM 9 years ago

Hi David_Richard,

Let me try to answer your questions:

1- When doing the linearization, the temperature and the speed must always be the same, since the printer is "measuring & comparing" the optimum color against a "fix" reference, so the process temperature and speed must remain also fix. Furthermore, during the process, the printer use must use a lower temperature than usual, because the plot is getting in the machine 2 times. If the printer would keep the curing temperature while the plot is getting in and out, the results of the scanning will be affected.

2- Your IQ problems when during the linearization, are not relevant for the process, the machine doesn't "care" about the bleeding since this is not going to affect the results of the linearization.

3- Finally, your problem with the banner could be because of a firmware problem. We've released a new firmware ( that solves this problem. Could you please verify that you printer has the latest firmware. If you do, can you please tell me your print model and the banner you are using in order to have more information.

I hope this helps.

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#5 FranciscoRojas 8 years ago

I´m having a similar problem, but with my L260

Using the printer settings from the media locator fot jutu cotton canvas and tried lots of different profiles and every profile is the same.

Its a temperature problem? ink limit?

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#6 HP-MarcM 8 years ago

Hi Francisco,

I've showed your picture to some experts and we are not able to understand exactly which is your problem. A part, of course of the weird texture. Can you please explain a bit more what is gong on? Which is exactly your problem.

In addition, I've searched your media in the Media Solutions Locator. And i've just found a couple of profiles for the Jutu canvas for the HP Latex 260. can you please tell me which one are you using? Did you use both and the issue appears anyway?

Jutu JO22028

Jutu JC 37028

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#7 HP-MarcM 8 years ago

Hi Francisco,

Did you have the opportunity to use any of the medias I've recommended?

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#8 FranciscoRojas 8 years ago

After a log trial and error phase, with lots of wasted material I think my print now looks good enough to be sold.

Now Im playing with a Metallic Canvas but still having lots of doubts with the temperature-ink limit relation but in time I think Im gonna get it.

Some pictures, the wave and the baby are on the "coala canvas" by antalis and the penguins are on Silverada SUL from breathing color.

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