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Sandwich Mode File Prep and Ripping

#1 CalebAtRainbow 2 years ago

We are currently trying to print sandwich mode but not too sure what we are missing. What are the steps and procedures that need to be in a file for sandwich mode? Also is there anything in the ripping software that we need to select other than using the 3 layer sandwich mode on the substrate. We are using illustrator for the file prep and Onyx for the ripping. Let me know if there's an article I'm missing or how you guys set it up.


#2 Gaston Gomez 2 years ago

Good afternoon, the steps would be the following. First, the illustrator separates the two printing faces on different work tables. On the front face, place the target as a Spot colocr so that it can later be separated in the RIP. Second, once the specific material to print Sandwich has been created in the IPS, select them in Onix to the material and send the two files separately. Third: When the files are entered into the IPS of the R select in front and it will show it with white in another layer, by default it will mirror the same image of the front to make the third layer of the sandwich if it does not have text and it can be used do it like this if you need it not to be reflected horizontally, you have to select the back of the same file prepared in Illustrator. Good luck

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#3 CalebAtRainbow 2 years ago

#2 Thanks for your response! Just wondering. Where did you learn how to do it? Could you send a link?

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#4 HP Daniela Ciolompea 2 years ago

Hi @CalebAtRainbow,

There is also a previous publication on Latex Knowledge Center on this topic:

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#5 nolanr9267 2 years ago

#1 So if your using Onyx rip, there is no reason to make a multi layer file in Illustrator. Onyx will create all the layers for you. If you bring your job in, select your media and your sandwich print mode, then under the Color Correction tab, select tools, the spot layer tool. Check to enable spot layer generation, then you can choose your density, and also your type of print, whether it is underlay, (white only where ink is printed), or mask fill opacity, (complete white coverage of entire artboard). Currently we are waiting for Onyx to support cut contour jobs that are sandwich print, but for now we have found a way to get by on those jobs by using Flexi Print. Just a shout out to Onyx, please get on the roll on this!

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