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Take up Reel jam

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 pideas1 7 years ago

Sometimes I get a Take up reel jam. Once I clear the jam, i do not know how to get rid of this message. The only way for me to clear the message is to reboot the entire machine. I've tried moving every lever, removing the take up reel, and hitting every button but nothing clears this message. Do you have any suggestions on clearing this jam message?

#2 HP-MarcM 7 years ago

Hi pideas1,

I guess you are seeing a system error message in your screen. Would you please confirm me if it is one of the following 32:01.1 or the 32:02.1 or is a different one? Can you also let me know the firmware version you are using.

I'll also recommend you to have a look to the following video:

How-to use the Take-Up Reel on HP Latex 300 Series

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#3 pideas1 7 years ago

I don't remember getting a code with this error. I only see "Clear take up reel jam". There's no way to clear this message without restarting the entire machine.

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#4 HP-MarcM 7 years ago

I've never heard about an issue like this without being related to a system error message. I'll recommend you to contact your support source in order to check the printer. Meanwhile, I can purpose you a workaround. The take up reel (TUR) is a very simple accessory that you can be used independently from the printer. If you don't want to get those messages in your screen, you can work with the TUR manually:

To work manually with the TUR:

  • Select winding direction, the TUR is enabled (green light).
  • If the dancer is down it starts winding with the selected winding direction.
  • If the dancer is in the middle it stops winding.
  • If the dancer is up it starts winding with the opposite selected winding direction.
  • If the dancer is winding for too long without reaching the middle position it goes to “jam” condition and the TUR is disabled (red/green light). Remove then the jam and move manually the dancer to the middle position to enable the TUR again (green light).

Please let me know if this help you.

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#5 --- 6 years ago

There really isn't a solution here. I'm having the same exact issues on my 365 and it's making print jobs longer than 10' or so impossible to produce. It's already ruined several jobs and cost me several yards of material and ink costs. I am setting up the the take up reel exactly as the video demonstrated. What can I do to remove this message and ensure it doesn't occur again?

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#6 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @NAUPrinting

If the answer above is not really helping you please contact your support services.

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#7 GrandInks 5 years ago

Same issue on the Latex 110 :/ I guess I'll try a hard reset.

FYI I didnt even have a jam, I cut the media and let it roll up, but apparently if it rolls to much without tension it thinks its a jam.

P.S. Solution mentioned by HP does not fix the issue, printer is "perminitly" stuck in a TUR Jam state and will not let the printer function.

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#8 AdaptiveTextile 5 years ago

To the original question, although its over a year old.... Mark (HP) posted this, but I'll throw in my .02. I know on my Latex 370, I get rid of the message by manually lifting the take-up reel dancer bar/arms ( all the way up then letting it down). If you look at the take-up reel controls, what color is the light? If the light is blinking red and green, lifting the full assembly like I stated, should clear it up.

The Take-Up Reel is very touchy when it comes to jamming. The best way to keep it from throwing a code, is to manually roll everything as much as possible. Before the substrate is cut, turn OFF the TUR, and manually roll it the rest of the way with the buttons. If it does roll too long without sensing the dancer bar moving at all, it will error out.

while printing, let the print come out of the machine far enough to run under the dancer bar, and attach the substrate to the TUR. You MUST get rid of any extra slack by manually hitting the wind button BEFORE enabling the automatic reel. If you wind too far (meaning if the dancer assembly goes all the way up, and can't go any farther), you will throw a code if the TUR is enabled. It will think the substrate is stuck.

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