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What media for everyday mounted posters and commodity work? Latex 360

HP Latex 360 Printer

#1 Graphikal 7 years ago

I'm curious what folks are using for commodity paper prints, everyday poster prints and mounting on foamcore, etc.?

We began using HP Premium Poster Paper from the moment we got the machine, having read that this media was HP's response to head strikes with other media. But because it's so rigid, we often have trouble loading, with it jamming up as it feeds into the printer. Particularly towards the end of the roll, where the curl becomes more significant and stubborn. Some of these jams can be horrendous and we don't want to damage the printer, obviously.

Any success stories with other (HP?) media? Thanks

#2 HP-MarcM 7 years ago

Hi Graphikal,

I've asked our media expert and this is the list of medias he recommended me for US:

Cham Paper Group Switzerland Inc. -- Visualjet 9090 140gsm

Sihl -- 3333 Truecolor paper 140

Sihl -- 3658 Diajet POP 125 M1 white mat

Sihl -- 3686 TriSolv PrimerArt Paper 200

You can download the profiles for them directly from your printer!

Hope this helps

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#3 Graphikal 7 years ago

Thanks for looking into that for me Marc - greatly appreciated.

I am curious, though, why it is not an HP stock that is recommended for an HP printer? I would have thought HP's own media would be optimized for their printers? Just curious.

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#4 HP-MarcM 7 years ago

Hi Graphikal,

Our media expert just wanted to recommend you those that he has tested personally, for that reason the list does not include any HP medias.

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#5 CDM Christian 5 years ago

I purchased an HP paper for printing on my new HP Latex 115 printer and was told by an HP professional that it will not work on the HP 115 printer or any of the 300 series for that matter. I am working with the SIHL 3686 now which seems to be a nice product. Still trying to find the right settings however as simply loading the media settings for that specific media (and a lot of other medias) simply does not work...105 degrees is far too hot and causes the paper to wrap in the heating area and hit the top of the vents... I have decreased the temperature and it seems to be ok. Always wise to adjust on the fly it seems in order to find a setting that works best for each media relative to your environment settings.

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