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White spots in Canvas Print - Everyday Satin (HP Latex 310)

HP Latex 310 Printer

#1 JSousa 7 years ago


From few days, we are having trouble with Canvas print using HP product in Latex 310.

We always use this produt but now, we got this problem:

- White spots throughout the image - check picture in attachment

We use the correct profile: Everyday Satin in 12 and 16p (as always) . It is the second HP roll we order to test and it is the same problem.

In no other stuff happens this white point, only in Canvas: REF: E4J31A

Solved! Go to Solution.

#2 dypinc 7 years ago

Test printing with the optimizer set higher.

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#3 JSousa 7 years ago

Yes, We already tested everything and make technical tests. Our L310 prints perfectly on all types of materials .

At this time and after request support on HP supplier in the Iberia(Spain/Portugal), maybe will be defective batch of that production line on that lote (of HP Canvas material).

We are waiting their confirmation to act.

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#4 HP-MarcM 7 years ago

Hi JSousa

Canvas media needs a higher level of optimizer, around 30% instead of 12%. I would suggest to check that the optimizer printhead is not clogged.

In order to do so:

  • Load Self Adhesive material
  • Run “Image-quality maintenance > Align printheads > Auto printhead alignment”
  • Run “Image-quality maintenance > Clean printheads > Print test plot”
  • Run “Image-quality maintenance > Print latex optimizer test plot”

If this doesn’t help, there could be some sort of issue with the media’s coating which is affecting the way the ink is settling on the material.

Hope this helps

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#5 JSousa 7 years ago

We solve!

The problem was the HP material, 2 rolls we use belong to a faulty batch.

We request to change for a new roll of other LOT to the local seller of HP. However, HP dont have a good network to support printing companys like us, we are the best ambassadors of HP LATEX, so they need to creat a direct channel to analyze these situations. We dont have time to waste to make own tests, questions e search in internet answers.

About this kind of situations and technical level, HP can do make better when compared to other brands.


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