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Why can't I load a Media?

#1 Shane Wilson 3 years ago

I have been given a sample media to test out the media is 910mm wide x 5mters long. every time I load the media on the HP3000 Latex it starts loading then gets to about 25% loaded on the screen and comes up with this message41.00.01:62 saying it is the end of the roll but it's not. I have changed the roll it's on. I have double-checked spindles are inflated. roll is not detached from core. the media is a thin gloss white. I have also unloaded it many times and reloaded it I have also tried many different profiles and it the same. I have changed the input and output amounts........... any Help would be great.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 3 years ago

Hi @Blind Concepts Australia,

Possible causes for the issue are: • The end of roll has been reached. • The spindle is not inflated or the core is slipping. • Too much substrate is unwound on the input or output side. • The end of the roll is not taped or otherwise attached to the core so that slippage starts before reaching the end of the roll. The end of the roll must be attached to the core.

And here are the corrective actions that you can apply: • You may have reached the end of the roll, or it may be detached from the core. If it has come to the end, thread a new roll, inflate the spindles, and load the substrate. Otherwise, check that the spindles are inflated and load the substrate. • If you want to check the slippage between the substrate/core and spindle, place a mark on the edge of the substrate going to the core, and mark the spindle too, before starting to load the substrate. If the line drawn looks ‘broken’ after the system error, there has been slippage between substrate and core, or core and spindle.

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