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A few Wall art questions

#1 Yealie 8 years ago

We are a dutch based web sign/print company working on a social platform for creative people and we want to implement wall-art to give our users more options to expand their business.

We played around with the tool and API and some questions came up.

1) Customization of e-mails, thank you modal boxes would be great to align with our own usabilty and look and feel.

2) the text get a quotation is not translated even when we use the dutch language pack

3) Can i delete account spaces?

4) Pricing seems too be too simple, especialy for canvas where the price can't be based only on the printing material als a square mtr, because the wood that's used hasn't the same price when it becomes larger.
Will there be a more advanced pricing tool coming ?

This are the first after a small peek at the tool


#2 Yealie 8 years ago

and this one

when i make a content map, i would like to have a option with that map that says "Show to all, exclude accounts" or something similar
for example: show to all, exclude accounts .... and then you can select wich accounts to exclude

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#3 Yealie 8 years ago

Fotolia and pattern design content maps have a information mark in their images.
Is it possible through the api to have this included into our own images? so we can show our own artists

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#4 HP-Jose 8 years ago

Hi Merlijn

Thanks for trying the tool.

You are asking for very valid things.

About customization of the e-mails, we cannot really do a lot, since the email comes from HP it is somehow required to preserve the hp look and feel. However, some of the dialogs could be customized even more, we are planning to enable customization of more elements in the near future.

Translations come usually after English, the one you are referring is a string that was added recently, then the translations will come short after.

You will be able to delete account spaces also very soon, in one or two weeks max.

Pricing is an area that has been expanding recently, our customers have been requesting for more pricing options, and I see you are sugesting some more and very interesting ones. We will contact soon to understand more requirements for pricing on your side. You can also send them to so we can gather all requirements for near future improvements.

Many thanks for providing feedback, your opinion is very important to us to keep improving the solution.

Best regards


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#5 Gerald 7 years ago

Has there anything happened with the pricing options?

More Options in the pricing tool or minimum amounts would be the most important thing to use the software...

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#6 HP-Sonia 7 years ago

Hello @Gerald

Right now pricing options are the same as in the previous version. HP WallArt allows you to set a price per sqm for each SKU and this price might vary depending on the chosen material selected by the user. However it would be interesting for us to know your thoughts about the pricing options you have in mind in order to be considered for future releases of HP WallArt.

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#7 Gerald 7 years ago

Hello Sonia!

Here are some thoughts to get the real good idea of Wallart really useful:

+) Price Options:

There has to be a price table- 0.5sqm have not the same sqm price as 20sqm.

Poster, Canvas are often under 1 sqm - to handle it only with sqm you must hae the possibility from price table:


0-0.3 sqm: 120,00 Eruo / sqm

0.3-0.5 sqm: 100 Euro / sqm

0.5-1sqm: 90 Euro / sqm

and so on....

and this of course for each material!

+) Price Options 2nd

Possibility to have certain SKUs with fixed prices like Canvas 80x60cm costs 35,00 Euro!

+) External Links ask for a quote or order a product

The customer should be forced to fill out the whole invoice adress - now he is only allowed to fill out the E-Mail.

+) Better documentations!!

The documentations of the API and Wordpress Plugin, and so on are poor.

Kind regards,


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#8 HP-Sonia 7 years ago

Hello @Gerald

Thank you for the comments. We will get them under consideration.

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#9 Hixster 6 years ago


As per Yealie and Gerald's questions re pricing, have there been any developments on the pricing issues?

The current pricing options available in the HP Wallart suite/WP plugin are not sufficient for our purposes.

Using a media substrate price and scaling that with custom or preset sizes doesn't allow prices to be accurately calculated for canvases. That's not how canvas prices are calculated. There is a base price to allow for frame etc and then the scaled media substrate price is added to that. There should either be the ability to add a base price (for frame etc) in addition to the media substrate or, more simply, allow the ability to input a static price for each preset size.

Since the current price design doesn't allow us to accurately price items, the Wallart suite is unuseable in its current design.

Do HP have any plans at all to move forward with a useable price structure for canvases? I see this issue has been mooted in these forums since 2015(!). Could someone confirm if action will be taken so we can make a decision to move to another solution or not?

Thank you and regards,


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#10 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @Hixster

Thanks for your comments. We strongly believe your feedback will help us to get to the next level.

However is not a straight answer for this situation, is something that we are working on for future releases. The only work around that I can suggest is the option of “hide pricing”.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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