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color problems when printing on HP latex 315 + SAI flexi HP

#1 jfp6740 12 months ago

hello, i'm printing a file on hp latex 315 from sai flexi hp basic edition 19. impossible to find original colors. dominant blue even when there is no blue in the file. (see attached photo 01-02-03) I've done the calibration. clean the line sensor. shake cartridges. i've also tried sai flexi 12 and flexi 22. the result is the same. the printhead verification trace is ok. I get around the problem by adjusting the rip sai flexi settings (see attached photo 04: before(left)-after(right).jpg). color adjustment tab, in particular by drastically reducing cyan. have you ever had this problem? where's the solution? thank you for your help jean-françois from alsace in France

#2 arthurfordb7470815323 12 months ago

Hello, If you are experiencing color problems when printing on an HP Latex 315 printer using SAI Flexi HP software, there are several potential causes for the issue. There are some common troubleshooting steps to help you resolve the color problems:

Check Printer Calibration: Ensure that your HP Latex 315 printer is properly calibrated. Calibration helps maintain accurate color reproduction. Refer to the printer's user manual or software documentation for instructions on how to perform calibration. Check Color Profiles: Verify that you are using the correct color profiles for your printer and media. Using the appropriate color profiles ensures that the colors are accurately translated from the design software to the printer. Use Quality Materials: Make sure you are using high-quality printing materials compatible with the printer. Inferior or incompatible materials can lead to color inconsistencies. Remember that color management can be a complex process, and it may require some experimentation and fine-tuning to achieve the desired color output. Following these steps should help you identify and address common color-related issues when printing on the HP Latex 315 with SAI Flexi HP software.

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#3 jfp6740 11 months ago

Hello and thank you for your feedback. i think i've already applied all these recommendations and the problem still persists. calibration: calibration is done (several times) and displayed "correct" (on the machine - substrate tab) profiles: corresponds to the paper loaded materials: papers I usually use (especially high-end wallpaper) and original HP inks. if you have any other leads, thank you in advance for your help.

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#4 HP Daniela Ciolompea 11 months ago

Hi @jfp6740,

Without additional details on the media or other parameters, it looks like the regular work of color calibration, and PH health check is well done. I encourage you to perform again a Color Adjustment in Flexi Print&Cut, at the RIP and Print menu, inside the color adjustment tab.

Don't check only the cyan channel, but the rest of the channels too, perhaps to a lesser extent for a correct result.

Check the connection between the Flexi and the printer/rip software, to see if the output profile works properly.

You can find the Output settings options at the RIP and Print menu, inside the Output settings tab. The images attached are examples.

If the issue persists, I recommend opening a ticket to your support representative for advanced troubleshooting.

   image 1.png
   image 2.png
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#5 jfp6740 11 months ago

thank you Daniela for your feedback. I will apply your recommendations. Generally I pay attention to the coherence between the profile and the media. I've tested different media with their profiles and the problem is always there.

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