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Color's changing in the middle of a project

#1 InvokeDesign 3 years ago

A color that fades from blue to white, has now shifted to a purple tint when im only half way through a project. I have replaced all the color print heads a couple weeks ago, and the test plots look good except i was wondering about the black bleeding into the light magenta in the attached image.

So far i have: 1) switched to new cartridge Lt cyan, and Black ink (they were just over expiration so my first solution was this) 2) performed color calibration, cleaned sensor, cleaned strip, printed test plots, substrate advance

Im about to switch back to the old print heads one at a time starting with the light c/m, but this is driving me nuts at the moment.


#2 ivoslbg5445 3 years ago

#1 which printer you're using? Mostly - expiring inks are pain. Shake ink cartridges very well and you can see some result after 30ml of fired ink. You don't need to replace printhead if there are no missing nozzles. Check optimizer printheads, if you have a second one, looks problematic with this bleeding.. If it's only one, just check condition, making color calibration isn't an option if inks are not OK..

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#3 InvokeDesign 3 years ago

Thanks. When I switch my LT C/M head back to my old one, the color issue poof gone. Pretty happy about that but unhappy about the amount of material I wasted figuring this out. Perhaps the OP head is also problematic. Will attempt to claim warranty on head(s). Thanks again.

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