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Final Check Screen - Fotolia Error

#1 Jrad 6 years ago

When the customer selects a fotolia image for their wall an extra charge (of thousands of dollars) is appearing in the final check screen of HP Wallart, why is this happening now as it did not occur in the past? The wall creation should cost hundreds, not thousands!

I have asked HP if it is possible to disable/remove the ‘final check' screen so that my customers do not see this incorrect and inflated price but have been told that it is not possible to remove it.

This screen and the pricing does not make sense and it is costing me sales and customer relations, as the customers feel like they have been miss lead and wasted their time creating something they are not willing to pay thousands of dollars for.

We have spent alot of money to create our website and intergrate HP Wallart to only have customers turn away due to this inflated pricing issue.

HP have advised that they are looking into the issue however it has been over two weeks and no resolution to this issue that is costing us potential clients and sales everyday.

Please see attached image.

We look forward to your reply.

Solved! Go to Solution.

#2 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @Jrad

Unfortunately right now we are still showing Fotolia’s base image cost without considering any user plan. By all means we are still investigating in order to provide you an answer on this matter.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause to your as soon as we have a response on this I will contact you right away.

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#3 Jrad 6 years ago

Hi Sonia

I understand that your team is working on a solution to the problem but in the meantime I am making NO sales as my entire online business in built around the HP Application.

To assist me and my business to continue to function in the meantime can you not just remove this step/screen from the process, surely this can be done quite easily? Please let me know this would solve all of our issues.

I love the layout of the latest version of HP Wallart but as a last resort to fix the problem do I need to use an older version that does not have this step? Is that even possible?

I am spending alot of money to get people to visit my website so I need this resolve ASAP.

I look forward to your response...Thanks

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