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HP 335 print qoulaty problems

#1 Ronen_IL 11 months ago

HP 335 print quality problems During printing black spots are printed (attached picture). I also attached a picture of the PH plot. As you can see it looks normal. I replaced the c-k print heads did all the cleaning possible. The cleaning cassette is almost new (15%) and is fine. Thanks for you help Ronen

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 11 months ago

Hi @Ronen_IL,

It seems that the Black/Cyan PH is affected and not spitting properly.

Could be that the maintenance cartridge it's causing the printhead issues. In case the maintenance cartridge has suffered an issue in cleaning routines, it will affect to all PHs and the issues will be visible in more colors when printing a job or printing the nozzle health plot. By reviewing pictures that the you attached, it seems that other PHs seem ok. In order to verify if MEC is correctly installed, you can perform the MEC replacement and re-insert the same MEC again. The printer will detect that the MEC is used and it will be installed again.

In front panel -> Inks -> tap in Maintenance cartridge -> Replace -> follow FP instructions

Regarding the PH issues, you could try to recover it, but it seems to be in bad condition. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Perform a Hard cleaning from the control panel: PH Hard Cleaning in Optimize Print Quality Options;

  • If the PH does not recover, we strongly recommend to replace it with a new PH;

  • Load a White Generic SAV media like HP Permanent Gloss or Avery MPI 3001 or any media certified in PrintOS Media Locator [|];

  • After installing the new PH, cancel the automatic PH Alignment. You can do that later;

  • Print a Nozzle Health Plot of all colors to verify PH Nozzles;

  • If the nozzles are correct, now the Automatic PH Alignment should be performed;

  • When the Alignment was done, before starting the production, I recommend attaching the media to TUR (Take up reel);

  • Now the printer is up and ready to print.

Also, I would recommend verifying if the media you are using is compatible with Gen3 inks. Reviewing the media brand + media reference, you could check if this media has a specific profile in PrintOS Media Locator. You can use the Online Search - Nimbus tool in the Control Panel typing the media brand + media name and downloading directly the preset to the printer.

If you are stills facing issues even with these recommendations, I suggest contacting your support representative.

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#3 Ronen_IL 10 months ago

Thank you for your help.

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#4 typecalendar15576 6 months ago

I've been facing a similar issue with my HP 335 printer, where black spots are appearing on my prints. I've taken several steps to troubleshoot the problem, but it persists. I'm hoping to share my experience and seek further guidance on how to resolve this issue effectively.

Print Head Replacement: I've already replaced the cyan-black (c-k) print heads, assuming it might be causing the problem. However, this didn't resolve the issue.

Cleaning Procedures: I've performed thorough cleaning procedures following the printer's manual instructions. Despite the cleaning efforts, the black spots still appear.

PH Plot: I've attached a picture of the pH plot, which appears to be within the normal range. So, it seems the ink is in the right condition.

Cleaning Cassette: The cleaning cassette I'm using is relatively new (about 15% used) and appears to be in good condition. Templates

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