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HP Latex 360 Black Dragging / Smearing

#1 q.uanghaidmn73915240 11 months ago

Check the Print Heads: Make sure that the print heads are clean and free from any debris or dried ink. Run a print head cleaning cycle from the printer's menu to ensure the nozzles are clear. Inspect the Print Media: Ensure that you are using the correct type of media that is compatible with your printer. Improper media can cause ink to smear or not adhere properly. Optimize Print Settings: Check your print settings to make sure they are appropriate for the media you are using. Adjust the print speed, temperature, and other settings as needed to improve print quality.

#2 p.edrosheltonef4060115305 10 months ago

It appears as though you're depicting some investigating ventures for resolving issues with dark hauling or spreading in a HP Plastic 360 printer. These means can assist with further developing print quality and forestall smirching or streaking in the result:

Check the Print Heads: Guarantee that the print heads are spotless and liberated from any trash or dried ink. You can run a print head cleaning cycle from the printer's menu to clear any stopped up spouts.

Review the Print Media: Ensure you are utilizing the right sort of media that is viable with your HP Plastic 360 printer. Utilizing inappropriate media can make ink smear or not stick as expected. Official Site

Improve Print Settings: Confirm your print settings to guarantee they are proper for the particular media you are utilizing. Change the print speed, temperature, and different settings depending on the situation to accomplish better print quality.

By following these means, you can address possible reasons for dark hauling or spreading in your prints and work on the general result nature of your HP Plastic 360 printer. Assuming that the issue continues, you might have to counsel the printer's client manual or contact HP's help for additional help.

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