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HP Latex 64 Cutter Can't detect length

#1 bryan7521 4 years ago

When I put the substrate in the cutter it will randomly spit the material all the way out instead of feeding it back through at the end of the sheet. I tried to see if the sensor was dirty or there was anything blocking it and there is not. How can I go about fixing this issue? It would only do it maybe once every 20 times before. But now I can't load at all.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 4 years ago

Hi @bryan7521,

Make sure you are printing the job with barcodes. We strongly recommend using this functionality to achieve good behavior. The job is printed with a barcode and then the cutter searches for it. If you are printing with barcodes and still having this issue, you should check the RIP/Printer connection. The RIP shouldn't be turned off until the job is totally cut. I hope this helps.

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#3 bryan7521 4 years ago

Had to have a tech come out and repair the machine. They replaced the substrate sensor and the main board under warranty as they had both failed.

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#4 vg288600.48835 3 years ago

I’m a new employee at the local city hall and I’m a graphic designer. The previous designer used the HP Latex 315, which is a large format printer. Now I’ve used large format printers before but type of printers I used dealt with sheets of paper, not a substrate roll (if that makes sense).

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#5 be.restnevao278993 3 years ago

Hey everyone!

I run a machine engraving shop that also does digital press printing, and I want to get a wide format printer again. Our old space had a big Mimaki and having access to it was amazing.

We almost pulled the gun a couple weeks ago on a used mimaki for about 6k, which is the machine and ink system I'm familiar with. Decided at the last minute not to just because we are expecting a dip in production to come up in the last few weeks of August and want to make sure we have the money to coast the last of the summer slump (We get VERY busy in September.)

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