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HP Wallart - Complex walls

#1 ScottM 4 years ago

I have attempted to find information on how to handle more then a flat wall with windows and doors without much success. I am hoping someone can point me to the resources that will help me work out how to do this in the Wall Covering app.

I have a wall that has a fireplace that is approximately in the middle that extends from the floor to the ceiling with the left and right section being used for the design. There is no fireplace objects so I just used a rectangle to block out that section. I can drop a design pattern on the wall and I can see the design in the two desired panels, but when you go to finalize it, it includes the fireplace area in the required material/print area and it calculates way over costs and footage needed.

How do you manage that?

I have also seen some videos where the wall art is wrapped around what I would call a stepped wall. Are these possible using the provided tools?

Thanks for your time and responses, Scott

#2 HP-Sonia 4 years ago

Hello @ScottM

Unfortunately, we do not have provisions to add fireplace from the designer or deduct the fireplace area from the Wallcover on its final price. Also, we support only plain 2-dimensional wallcovering.

You can use a rectangle to represent the fireplace area and view how the designed wall looks like. This will be only for viewing, but the full area including the rectangle (representing the fireplace) will be considered while calculating the Wallcover price.

In this case, an option to reduce the cost of fireplace area would be to design 2 separate wallcoverings, with one on left and another on right of the fireplace, since the fireplace is extending from floor to ceil.

I hope this information helps.

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#3 ScottM 4 years ago

#2 While I can certainly accomplish this, having a customer try and do this is beyond the skill level of 95+% of them to accomplish. It also gives a bad impression if you're trying to show them the costs as it would be way out of line and leave a bad impression.

You could preface somewhere that its only for flat walls, but I don't see that mentioned anywhere in the design editor or the ability to have that displayed or any custom messaging.

That leaves a lot of potential frustration, as well as work sitting on the table for all the walls that have some type of stepping, or structure to work around.

Its a complex issue that will need a smart solution for self-design and costing, and I realize is not an easy task.

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