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Intricate tiled print not lining up

#1 Ben_Smith_2200 5 months ago

Hey Everyone,

We are trying to print a VERY intricate (Aboriginal Artwork) tiled (2 tiles) print to Arlon DPF 4500, laminate and then mount them to ACM and the prints not lining up. We have tried turning the printer curing temperature down as low as possible (85°). We have laminated the prints on the lowest heat possible to avoid silvering and they still do not line up. It is almost 10mm of stretch on one of the tiles (see images attached)

We are attempting to print them now with the output tension as low as possible and only printing 1 tile at a time, but we would love any advice on this issue.

Thank you in advance

#2 AlexGan 3 months ago

Remember to document the settings you use during each test to help identify the most effective combination. The goal is to find a balance that minimizes stretching and misalignment for your specific printing setup and materials.

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#3 nikolausricky819539 3 weeks ago

It will be helpful to record the parameters you use for each test so you can find the optimal combination. Finding the sweet spot where your printing setup and materials are most optimized for minimizing stretching and misalignment is the ultimate goal. basketball stars

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