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Latex 1500 Double Sided Printing

#1 emma.lesuer6936 3 years ago


I am doing some double sided printing on my latex 1500. It seems every time I print "Side B" it never lines up perfectly with "Side A" I have printed them trying different things to get them to line up perfect, but always end up about 1/4 of an inch off from the other side. Anyone know of a good trick to get them to line perfectly??

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 3 years ago

Hi @emma.lesuer6936,

As per the User Guide (page 85 and pages 55-56), here are some recommendations:

In order to minimize registration errors on some substrates, you are recommended to compensate for substrate contraction in the RIP when the image is generated.

To help make the alignment we recommend making a mark with a pen or pencil at the registration line (1), but on Side B (2). Do not make a mark by cutting with scissors as this can cause the substrate to come into contact with the printheads.

I hope it helps.

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#3 hoangthang 3 years ago

Hi guys,

User guide is right thing to follow in the first of your head. And need to separate between double sided translucent (double-sided day and night - DSDN) or block-out printing.

Few tips for DSDN printing is find the right printmode for your media first by testing on small file. Make sure the media expansion or deformation are low. Most of the case misalignment between side A and side B come from choosing wrong printmode so that printer system can not compensate when printing side B.

HP engineers have alot experience about this so you can call them to get thing done also. Hope this help.

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#4 felicia7886310902 2 years ago

@slope game Please see attached an image of the corrugated carton with white coated suitable for R-series, on media locator you can find the manufacturer and also the oms to print them.

Even with this, it's possible that due to transportation or storage conditions the material can be deformed, it's possible that you need the media edge holders even with these brands.

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#5 ericconley44313824 a year ago

@geekydane I have also faced similar issue with the HP printer back few months ago. I suggest you to reset your Printer and try again.

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