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Latex 300 Paint Scratching Problem

#1 ejolatex a month ago

First of all, Hello. We use HP Latex 3000 in our office. But recently (in the last 3 months) I have seen that the paint is easily scraped off the media. The media we use is 3 meters of 100% polyester textile. My problem is this: When I scratch the paint on the media with my fingernail, the paint scrapes off easily. Or when I rub my finger on the media, the paint on the media comes off on my finger. We experience this problem especially with black ink. We buy our inks from an HP licensed store and have never changed our supplier. At the same time, we have never changed our media supplier.

My settings for this media: My infrared lamp setting on my printer is front 65, rear 65... My cure degree is 85-90. My vacuum value is 15%. My optimizer value is 22 Print Head height 35 I increased the drying and curing temperatures but the problem was not solved. What else do you think I can do to make a 100% polyester media preserve the Latex paint better or how can I fix this problem? Thank you very much in advance.

#2 ejolatex a month ago

Ps: Our machine is Latex 3000, not 300 (:

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#3 HP Daniela Ciolompea a month ago

Hi @ejolatex,

To address scraping issues, it's advised to increase the overcoat value and curing temperature:

  • Start by increasing the overcoat value by 0.5 steps, ensuring it stays below 3.

  • Gradually raise the curing temperature in 5-degree increments, keeping it under 90°C.

Bear in mind that excessive temperature increases can deform the media. If improvements aren't observed, consider increasing the inter-pass delay value by 100 steps to extend drying time. However, note that this will affect the printer's throughput, so proceed cautiously.

I hope it helps.

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#4 ejolatex a month ago

thanks for your answer ( :

actually HP latex 3000 does not have " inter-pass delay value" I can only (on HP latex 3000 ) change the pass and i already tried it as "6Color- 14Pass"... not solved

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#5 HP Daniela Ciolompea a month ago

Hi @ejolatex,

Try increasing the overcoat setting as mentioned above, bearing in mind that you would have to increase it in 0.5 steps. Also, as you increase the overcoat setting, the curing temperature needs to increase in steps of 5ºC, without exceeding 90ºC.

Other considerations:

• Check if your site conditions are good. It is recommended that the printer's operating temperature range is 20-25ºC, and humidity range of 30-60%.

• It is important to know the media brand to further assist with the issue.

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